why composite industry

Why composites ?

Hello readers! After providing ample of knowledge regarding different products we are here to make you aware of composites industry. In today’s blog we will explore the following topics: ● What is Composite industry? ● Why composites ?(with reference to steel,marine,aerospace and wind). ● Composite industry in India. ● Beatles composites( A one stop solution […]

pre impregnated composite materials

Pre Impregnated Materials

In today’s blog we will provide crucial information about Prepeg (Pre- impregnated) materials. Before starting this topic don’t forget to visit our website beatlescomposites.in to know about different products we offer and how to choose the best one for your manufacturing industries. Today’s key points to be covered in this blog: What is Prepeg? Characteristics […]

Vacuum bagging film

What LRTM Process?

LRTM stands for “Light Resin Transfer Moulding,” which is a composite manufacturing process used to create parts with high strength-to-weight ratios. It is commonly used in the production of various components, including those used in aerospace, automotive, marine, and other industries. In LRTM, a two-part mould is used, typically made from materials like fiberglass or […]