Vacuum Bagging Film

Vacuum Bagging Film is the universal vacuum bagging consumable used in all composites vacuum bagging processes in India.

The Vacuum Bagging Film has high quality, general purpose vacuum bagging film with excellent elongation, flexibility and puncture resistance.
Beatles Composite offers superior flexibility and elongation which improves consolidation and pressure. This superior flexibility results in less ‘bridging’, reduced pin-holing and improved surface finish of laminates.

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Vacuum bagging film Suppliers

This film is the flexible membrane used to provide a gas-tight barrier, which allows component processing within a vacuum environment.

The Vacuum Bagging Film is widely used in Advanced Composites Industries. The Vacuum Bagging film is used to cover and seal the mould surface. It is widely used due to it is excellent physical properties such as the high-temperature resistance, toughness, a good flexibility, high elongation & very less permeability.

Normally color is green heat stabilized and the material is nylon.

It has excellent elongation and heat ageing characteristics capable of performing under high pressures and temperatures of up to 190°C for several hours.

A Caprolactam level of less than 1% makes it an ideal choice for most vacuum bagging applications
It can be made available in different forms eg: lay flat or slit tube and in sheet form.

Beatles Composites is supplier of Vacuum Bagging Film in Gujarat and in PAN India. Make call at +91 96246 92477, or whatsapp at +91 96246 92477

vacuum bagging film Supplier in Gujarat India

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55 micron, 75 micron


1100mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3500mm, 4000mm, 4500mm, 6500mm, 8000mm, 8500mm


1000sqm, 100sqm, 10sqm, 20sqm, 250sqm, 500sqm


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