Perforated Release Film

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Perforated Release film is a very cost-effective, general purpose release film with P3 perforations suitable for use at temperatures up to 120°C. It is recommended when vacuum bagging hand-layup laminates.
Perforated Release Films are situated directly in contact with the laminate. They separate the laminate from breather fabrics. These films are available and selected depending on the cure

Condition to Select

These films are available and selected depending on :-

  1. The cure temperature
  2. Pressure
  3. Complexity of the component
  4. the resin system

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Supplier Of Perforated Release Film


Basic purpose of the release film is to ensure the proper release of the helping material use for vacuum bagging. Release films are placed directly in contact with the laminate. Release films are often perforated in order to ensure that any trapped air, volatiles or excess resin, which may affect the physical properties of the laminate, can be removed.

Description Property Method
Product name Perforated release film
Material High density polyethylene
Width Doe 1500MM
Thickness 27Microns (+/- 5%) ASTM E 252
Tensile strength at break MIN 35 Kg/mm² (+/- 5%) ASTM D 882
Elongation at break ≥ 390 % ASTM D 882
Melting point 127˚C ASTM D 1525
Density ≥ 0.950 g/cm³
Color Reddish/Blue



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