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Vacuum Bagging Film Supplier

In today’s blog we will be sharing information about Vacuum Bagging film. We will also let you know about the quality we provide and variants we have for the same.
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  1. What is Vacuum Bagging Film
  2. Buy Vacuum Bagging Film from Beatles.
  3. Customised products
  4. Variants
  5. Adaptability
  6. Patterns
  7. Fine packaging and swift delivery

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What is Vacuum Bagging Film

Vacuum bagging film is a specialized material used in composite manufacturing processes. It is a flexible and airtight film that, when placed over a composite layup, allows for the removal of air and excess resin by creating a vacuum seal. This process helps enhance the overall quality and strength of composite parts by ensuring proper consolidation and minimizing voids in the material. Vacuum bagging film is commonly used in composite manufacturing to create a vacuum seal during the curing process, ensuring proper pressure and consolidation of materials. It helps eliminate air pockets for stronger and more uniform composite structures.

Buy Vacuum Bagging Films from Beatles Composites.

Beatles composites provides you best Vacuum Bagging Films that are suitable for gas-tight barrier, which allows component processing within a vacuum environment. Some of the major qualities of Beatles’ Vacuum Bagging Films are as follows:

Customised products as per the need:

We provide you customised Vacuum Bagging Films with tailored length and width. They enhance precision by fitting the contours of the object being vacuum-bagged, reducing excess material and improving overall efficiency. Additionally, these films can be designed with specific material properties, such as varying thicknesses or compositions, to suit the needs of different applications, ensuring optimal performance in diverse manufacturing processes.


We have different options for the same. Based on length and width we have the following product options :

○ length in micron : •Different lengths are available from 50 to 80 micron( 60, 70 micron included). • 90 micron Films are also available for limited products.

○ width in meter : • Based on width we have films starting from 0.5 meter extended upto 12 meter.

Customised width will help you enhancing the surface finish of the final product by reducing imperfections and ensuring a smooth, high-quality appearance.

These Customised Vacuum Bagging Films precisely fit the contours of the object, ensuring optimal coverage along its entire length and width. Custom vacuum bagging films accommodate diverse project sizes, allowing for flexibility in handling materials of different lengths and widths.

Adaptability :

We provide Vacuum Bagging Films which are resilient in nature and suitable for various temperature range. Temperature range is from 70° to 220° Celsius. This is helpful in the following ways :

☆ Resin Cure Compatibility : The chosen temperature range is compatible with the resin curing process. Different resins have specific temperature requirements for optimal curing, and the vacuum bagging film must withstand these temperatures without compromising its integrity.

☆ Material Stability : Operating within the recommended temperature range ensures the stability of the vacuum bagging film. This stability is crucial to maintaining consistent pressure and preventing any distortion or failure of the film during the curing process.

☆ Compatibility with Tooling and Materials : The temperature range is compatible with the tooling and materials used in the manufacturing process. This ensures that all components work harmoniously to produce the desired results without compromising the quality of the final product.

In summary, adhering to the specified temperature range for vacuum bagging films are essential to ensuring the success of composite manufacturing processes, promoting material stability, and achieving consistent, high-quality results.
Patterns :

Beatles provides you Vacuum Bagging films in both tube format and in sheet format. These patterns would be helpful in following ways :

Tube Format Vacuum Bagging Films :

Seamless Encapsulation : Tube format films provide seamless encapsulation around the entire component. This eliminates the need for additional sealing or taping, simplifying the vacuum bagging process.

Uniform Pressure Distribution : The cylindrical nature of tube format films promotes uniform pressure distribution, ensuring consistent consolidation of composite materials across complex shapes and contours

Sheet Format Vacuum Bagging Films:

Versatility for Different Projects : Sheet format films offer versatility and adaptability for a wide range of project sizes and shapes. They can be cut and tailored to fit specific requirements, making them suitable for diverse applications.

Customization for Complex Shapes : In applications where components have complex shapes or intricate details, sheet format films can be customized and applied with precision to ensure complete coverage and effective consolidation. Ultimately, the choice between tube and sheet format vacuum bagging films depends on factors such as the complexity of the component, project size, labor considerations, and the need for customization. Manufacturers may opt for one format over the other based on the specific demands of their composite manufacturing processes.

Fine packaging and swift delivery :

Our quality packaging helps protect the product from damage, ensuring it reaches the customer in optimal condition . We use high quality cardboard boxes for packaging that gives a strong protection to customer’s products. Packaging is designed to make products easy to handle, open, and use. Convenient packaging enhances the overall user experience, increasing customer satisfaction. We deliver products on time and in some cases we have a delivery option of two day delivery. Our on time delivery feature meets customer’s expectations and enhances satisfaction. It builds trust and positive relationships, leading to customer loyalty and repeat business. This is all for today for further queries visit our website or contact us to serve you the best. Till than keep growing.


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