Aramid 220 GSM BD Plain CTA4-FBD220P

Aramid Fabrics

Aramid 220 GSM fabric or Aramid fibers are synthetic fibers known for their high strength, heat resistance, and flame resistance. Examples of aramid fibers include Kevlar and Nomex. These fibers are widely used in various industries, including aerospace, military, automotive, and protective clothing. Aramid 220 GSM fabric, it means that one square meter of the fabric weighs 220 grams. The GSM measurement provides information about the density or thickness of the fabric. Aramid fabrics are known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making them suitable for applications where lightweight yet strong materials are required. They are commonly used in protective clothing, such as bulletproof vests, as well as in industrial and high-performance applications where resistance to abrasion, heat, and flame is crucial. So if your are searching for Aramid 195 GSM fabric then Beatles Composites is your best option



Properties UOM Nomenclature Detail
Warp (0° Direction) Type Para Aramid Yarn 1000D
Weft (90° Direction) Type Para Aramid Yarn 1000D
Ends Nos./cm 9.8
Picks Nos./cm 9.8
Weave Style Plain
Thickness mm 0.22
Width mm As Mentioned
Fabric Aerial Weight g/m2 220


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