Basalt chop

Basalt is an addition of strength, along with excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance characteristics
Properties : The material specification sheet highlights, properties of material compared to other well-known materials



Available Forms:

  • Basalt Additives – For producing high performance engineering thermoplastics. Use as additives in
    engineering thermoplastics like PTFE (includes Teflon), PEEK, PES and others
  • Basalt Rovings – For manufacturing pipes for fertilizer, chemical, oil and gas industries. Also reinforcing
    material for high pressure application
  • Basalt Fabrics & Mats – For thermal insulation, fire-proofing and sound-proofing applications
  • Basalt tapes – For inner lining of pipeline used in highly acidic or alkaline environment

Life Time Expectancy:
Basalt itself has high operational life. Life time is expected to be 50** years. However, life with various matrix combinations, or operating environment needs to be re-established.(** is life of Basalt alone, and not in combination with any other materials.)
About Composites Tomorrow:
Contact us for engineering products to fulfil your application, using Basalt. We deliver prototype
development, evaluation and prove out.


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